Professional maintenance for high operational reliability and long service life of your small wastewater treatment plant 

Fair, competent, low cost

We understand our small wastewater treatment plants!


With experience from the maintenance of thousands of systems and expertise as a a manufacturer of small wastewater treatment plants, you can be sure that we are familiar with your small wastewater treatment plant. Our DWA certified employees are specially trained and educated to competently service your small wastewater treatment plant. Our in-house repair shop with many diagnostic devices ensures that we can repair parts or replace spare parts in many cases. In addition, our competent team of service technicians, chemists and environmental engineers gives you access to our company's extensive know-how without having to pay extra. Since we manufacture our own controls and purchase other spare parts as a manufacturer in large quantities, we can of course pass this purchasing advantage on to you as our maintenance customer.

  • Prevention of failures and faulty operating conditions
  • Longer service life of your small sewage treatment plant
  • Qualified technical staff
  • Reduced repair effort
  • Calculable costs

Do you need maintenance for your small wastewater treatment plant?

Please contact us. You will receive a fair, non-binding offer for the maintenance of your small wastewater treatment plant.

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