We care for clean water

The C4C-module for the reduction of micropollutants from domestic wastewater for Batchpur and AERO SBR small wastewater treatment plants and treatment systems > 50 PE

The advantages at a glance


Certified 80% removal of micropollutants from domestic wastewater

With integrated UV disinfection

Safe and low-maintenance technology

No residues or transfer to other media (e.g. activated carbon)

Areas of application for the Batchpur C4C-module

  • Single family houses
  • Multi-family houses
  • Settlements & Villages
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Vacation & Leisure facilities
  • Day care facilities
  • Retirement homes

The Batchpur C4C-module for the elimination of micropollutants

Batchpur is intensively engaged in the development of new, sustainable and resource-saving product innovations in decentralized wastewater treatment. As part of a major research project with leading universities, Batchpur developed the C4C-technology, which enables the elimination pf non-biodegradable micropollutants in biologically treated wastewater. With the C4C concept - Care for Clean Water – We set new standards in decentralized wastewater treatment!

If your project has corresponding requirements (for example, in a water protection area), please contact us. We have the solution for you.

Organic micropollutants such as endocrine disruptors, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or biocides are increasingly polluting our streams, rivers and even bathing waters. Via domestic wastewater, these substances enter directly into the small wastewater treatment plant, where they cannot be completely eliminated in the biological treatment process due to their substance properties. They are therefore discharged directly into surface waters unhindered in ecotoxicologically relevant concentrations - The ubiquitous and steadily increasing load of micropollutants in European waters is a highly topical problem.

In order to reduce the input of micropollutants, especially in rural areas and water protection areas, the upgrade of a small wastewater treatment plant with an extended treatment stage is essential according to current knowledge. 

Water is our basis of life! An irreplaceable resource that we must protect!


Biological wastewater treatment by the SBR clarification processes Batchpur or AERO serve as a preliminary stage and specifically prepare the domestic wastewater for treatment in the C4C module. 

In the upstream clarification processes, bacteria gradually degrade biodegradable substances from domestic wastewater (such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins). Easily degradable carbon compounds can be completely degraded to CO2 and water or incorporated into the cells of the bacteria. As a result, biomass is built up. Under defined conditions, the bacteria also partially use substances that are difficult to degrade, such as micropollutants, as a source of carbon and energy. However, most micropollutants are not completely mineralized in the process. 

After biological wastewater treatment, the wastewater is further treated by the C4C module. The C4C module operates according to the AOP (advanced oxidation processes). In this process, the micropollutants are primarily oxidized by reaction with hydroxyl radicals (OH radicals) and ozone. This is a wastewater treatment process that occurs at ambient temperature and pressure and generates OH radicals in sufficient quantities. These are among the strongest oxidizing agents. They are non-selective and react very rapidly with most organic and inorganic substances (including micropollutants such as pharmaceutical agents, endocrine disrupting compounds, aromatics, volatile organic compounds, etc.) in wastewater. The micropollutants are largely converted into stable, inorganic compounds such as water, carbon dioxide and salts, i.e. they undergo mineralization.


Batchpur small wastewater treatment plant
AERO small wastewater treatment plant
Wastewater treatment systems > 50 PE

The advantages of the C4C-module at a glance


  • Removal of micropollutants in domestic wastewater (80 % elimination according to the Swiss approach).
  • Versatile use - The C4C-module can be used in all Batchpur wastewater treatment systems
  • Simple and quick installation of the components
  • Integrated UV disinfection
  • Low maintenance technology
  • No waste products generated
  • Safe operation of all plant components  
  • Optionally with modem for online monitoring or simply for forwarding malfunctions as SMS 
  • Easily expandable with the Batchpur P-module
  • Connection of additional sensors such as oxygen, conductivity, or redox sensor
  • Developed, manufactured and tested in Germany