The professional control: Solutions for your needs

The control system for large plants up to 1,500 PE and the individual plant programming

The advantages at a glance


For plants up to 1,500 PE

Expandable for additional plant components and sensors

Individual plant programming

Control, monitor and document online

Individual solutions for your requirements

Wastetwater treatment plants up to 1,500 PE


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The edge in technology


Versatile expandable

The professional control is optionally available (also retrofittable) with up to 7 stepper motors for e.g. the pneumatic phosphate elimination, a nutrient dosing or the connection of additional compressors or pumps. Furthermore, additional solenoid valves for larger compressors can be easily retrofitted. The extension with UV disinfection or additional sensors such as oxygen, conductivity, pH, or redox is also anytime possible.

One control for all cases!

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Extremely quiet Airstep Steppermotors

90 % less energy consumption in the air distribution system: The easy...con control system uses an airstep air distribution system with stepper motors instead of solenoid valves. Solenoid valves have the disadvantage that they have to be permanently supplied with energy during the opening process. This would mean for you as a costumer that for example, the solenoid valve has to be supplied with power during the entire opening operation. This is usually between 10 - 15 watts. The calculation is quite simple: Meanwhile, batchpur’s stepper motor system needs less than 10% energy.

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Quality in material and processing

There are fine technical details that stem from the commitment to sustainability and performance, such as high-quality, durable material for the individual components or manufacturing according to high industry standards and quality testing in Germany. All components of the control system are manufactured in such a way that a component change can be carried out in just a few minutes. In addition, there are 6 independently fused circuits on the board. This provides multiple protection for the operation of the system.

Production and quality management for highest demands!

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Service and spare parts

Of course, we keep all necessary wear parts or spare parts ready for you.

In addition, we offer a wide range of spare parts and accessories on our online store

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State-of-the-art digital connectivity


With Easyreport Function and Wi-Fi as a standard

The professional control is equipped with Wi-Fi as a standard. Via your smartphone you can easily retrieve all relevant data such as the operating status, the operating hours or messages of your small wastewater treatment plant. In addition, the professional control has an external USB interface. This enables quick and easy service updates.

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Easy operation of the professional PC software

Our professional PC software allows quick and easy readout of messages and operating hours. In addition, parameters can be set through a simple and user-friendly operator interface.

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Remote monitoring and web portal as a standard

Through a modem you have access to a web portal. The perfect safeguard for operators! Fault messages are forwarded immediately; once a day, all operating data are automatically stored and archived on the web portal server. In this way, you can seamlessly document the functionality of your plant. The daily control view on the batchpur plant becomes comfortably routine. Every batchpur plant with modem can be monitored by the batchpur service technician with your permission. Even in the absence of the plant operator, maintenance work and test runs can be carried out on the batchpur plant within the scope of a maintenance contract.

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The advantages at a glance


  • Low power consumption in standby mode under 1 watt due to electric transformer
  • Illuminated, large graphic display
  • With oxygen control
  • Can be retrofitted with solenoid valves
  • Control of additional plant components (such as pump stations or buffers)
  • Individual plant programming according to the customer requirements
  • Convenient 6-button easy operation
  • All outputs are individually fused via microfuse
  • Up to 7 stepper motors can be used
  • Stepper motors can be replaced individually
  • External USB port for user-friendly software updates
  • WLAN module as a standard
  • Optionally with modem for complete remote monitoring or for forwarding system malfunctions as SMS 
  • Easily expandable to higher cleaning levels
  • Easy connection of additional sensors such as oxygen-, conductivity-, or redox-sensor