The Grizzly among the tanks

The Grizzly tank exclusively for AERO SBR small wastewater treatment plants

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The advantages at a glance


Integrated buoyancy control - Suitable for groundwater installation

Highest quality of shape and material

Cost-effective installation - plug and play

Construction and design support the cleaning process

Strong as a bear thanks to an ingenious concept


The Grizzly has a unique shape with a very robust and intelligent ribbed structure. As a result, it easily withstands the lateral loads occurring underground and achieves an effect similar to a dowel in the ground. The Grizzly is thus suitable for all installation situations in groundwater. The enormous dimensional stability and integrated buoyancy control make the Grizzly unbeatable. This makes installation much easier for you. You save the entire effort of buoyancy control. The intelligent design of the Grizzly also supports the clarification process. Since the Grizzly is basically a rectangular tank, the wastewater has almost the same surface area at every filling level. This brings the advantage that the air lifts are much more efficient and use less energy to move the water out of the tank.

Grizzly and Aero - A strong team


The Grizzly tank is available exclusively for your AERO SBR small wastewater treatment plant 

  • Cost-effective installation - plug and play - because the tank is pre-equipped for you
  • Sustainable - because the legal requirements are consistently met
  • Economical - because the unique pressure sensor technology controls consumption steplessly and according to demand
  • Maintenance-friendly - because all conveying equipment is designed to be wear-free 
  • Future-proof - because you can always retrofit the Grizzly tank with additional modules
  • Large sampling tank for easy sampling 
  • Wear-free air lifts in high-quality industrial standard (instead of pumps)
  • 2 aerators, can also be removed during operation