Small in transport Great in performance




The advantages at a glance



Simple assembly on site

Construction and design support the cleaning process

Versatile and expandable

Clean solutions worldwide


...transport-optimised for global solutions

The Eagle tank is a two-part plastic container that enables space-saving and therefore cost-effective transport worldwide thanks to its stackable container halves.

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...for the practice

The wingseal technology enables quick and easy installation in the underground.

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...individually expandable

The tank Eagle is ideal for groundwater installation and can be modularly expanded to higher volumes.

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Egale and batchpur small wasterwater treatment systems

It can be perfectly combined with the Aero or batchpur purification systems. In addition, the tank can be used universally and can therefore also be used to treat rainwater or grey water. This tank provides you with a flexible and reliable solution for your requirements.

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...innovative design, simple structure

The new wingseal technology revolutionises the sealing of tank halves thanks to its innovative design and material composition. The special shape of the seal and an optional swellable material ensure a secure seal against waste water, rainwater or even external groundwater.

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The advantages of Eagle at a glance:


-2 entry points for service, maintenance and installation

- Easy sludge removal through 2 chutes

- Quick and easy assembly on site

- Versatile use as rain, gray or waste water tank

- Stackable half-shells - 8 half-shells can be transported in a container on the footprint of one tank

- Tank system can be expanded modularly (series connection possible)

- Connection lines can be attached at different heights