Disinfected water for your safety

The UV-module for the disinfection of domestic wastewater for Batchpur and AERO SBR small wastewater treatment plants and treatment systems > 50 PE

The advantages at a glance


Germ-free water for water reuse

Low investment and operating costs

Simple installation and safe technology directly in the small wastewater treatment plant

With Grip & Clean - Reduced maintenance effort

Fields of application for the Batchpur UV-module

  • Single family houses
  • Multi-family houses
  • Settlements & Villages
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Vacation & Leisure facilities
  • Day care facilities
  • Retirement homes

The Batchpur UV-module for disinfection of biologically treated wastewater

With the Batchpur UV-module you can disinfect your wastewater inexpensively and environmentally friendly. CE-compliant tested, depending on the application, all performance and manufacturer declarations according to EN 21566 are available.

If your project has corresponding requirements (for example, in a water protection area), please contact us. We have the solution for you.

High levels of viruses and germs in water bodies.

The biologically treated wastewater from small WWTP is often discharged into surrounding bodies of water or used directly to irrigate the garden. However, the hygienic quality of the biologically treated wastewater from a small wastewater treatment plant is not suitable for safe reuse. The wastewater still contains pathogens such as bacteria of the species "Escherichia coli" (E. coli) and the group of "intestinal enterococci". 

In order for you to enjoy your bathing pleasure in natural waters or to be able to reuse your treated domestic wastewater, the wastewater must be disinfected. This irreversibly inactivates pathogens.

Biological wastewater treatment by the SBR cleaning processes Batchpur or AERO serve as a preliminary stage and specifically prepare the domestic wastewater for treatment in the UV-module.

In the upstream clarification process, bacteria gradually break down biodegradable substances from the domestic wastewater (such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins). Easily degradable carbon compounds can be completely degraded to CO2 and water or incorporated into the cells of the bacteria. As a result, biomass is built up. The biologically treated clear wastewater is then extracted from the clear water zone and passed directly through the UV module. The UV module contains a UV-C radiation source that emits light with a effective wavelength at 254 nm. The biologically treated wastewater flows through the UV module whereby genetic information of the bacterial cells is damaged by the UV-C radiation. Enzymatic mechanisms to repair the cells no longer achieve sufficient effect, stopping cell proliferation. A sufficient UV dose ensures reliable killing of all bacteria in the wastewater. The largely standardized plant technology ensures that the customer benefits from high quality as well as optional water reuse.

Batchpur small wastewater treatment plant
AERO small wastewater treatment plant
Wastewater treatment systems > 50 PE

The advantages of the UV-module at a glance


  • Safe removal of germs, viruses, and bacteria
  • Tested and certified according to EN 12566 
  • Versatile use - The UV-module can be used in all cleaning systems from Batchpur
  • Simple and fast installation directly in the small wastewater treatment plant
  • Toolless removal of the UV lamp from the reactor
  • Easy and safe cleaning of the lamp
  • Safe operation
  • Inexpensive module 
  • Optionally with modem for remote monitoring or simply for forwarding faults as SMS 
  • Easily expandable with the Batchpur P or C4C module
  • Connection of additional sensors such as oxygen, conductivity, or redox sensor
  • Developed, manufactured and tested in Germany