The odorless and climate-friendly small wastewater treatment plant

The AERO SBR small wastewater treatment plant with Aerobic sludge stabilization

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The advantages at a glance


Low energy and operating costs

Low-odor cleaning process 


Future-proof control and cleaning technology

Developed, tested and manufactured in Germany

The optimized cleaning process


The AERO small wastewater treatment plant operates with the SBR-process, which has been proven for years and in which the wastewater is treated in cycles. What is new, however, is that feeding and the previously separate sludge storage as a process stage are no longer required. Instead, the sludge is also aerated and degraded. This significantly reduces the sludge volume, therefore, the sludge does not have to be removed frequently. Operating costs are reduced!



The wastewater flows through pipes into the AERO SBR small wastewater treatment plant.



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Both the wastewater and the sludge are aerated. Via energy optimized membranes and the flow-optimized compressed air distribution system Airstep, the atmospheric oxygen is supplied to the bacteria with small air bubbles. Due to the resulting currents, an optimal mixing with a high cleaning performance takes place. In the AERO small wastewater treatment plant, aeration prevents the formation of digester gases and thus also hydrogen sulfide. Hence, corrosion with hydrogen sulfide from digestion processes cannot occur. This is more beneficial when retrofitting existing concrete tanks, resulting in less odor nuisance and longer service life of your concrete tank.

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Settling phase

After the biological cleaning by bacteria is completed, the so-called settling phase takes place. In this settling phase, the cleaned wastewater separates from the biological sludge.

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Cleaning of the airlift with ALC®

Shortly after the start of the settling phase, a zone with clear purified wastewater forms in the upper area. Now the ALC® process starts. Via a second airlift, cleaned wastewater is conveyed through the piping system of the airlift for the clear water removal. This removes the sludge particles deposited in the piping system during the cleaning process, and thus cleans the pipe system. As a result, fewer sludge particles end up in the outlet of the small wastewater treatment plant.

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Clear water removal

After completion of the settling phase, the clear water removal is carried out. The clear treated wastewater is discharged from the upper area by a wear-free airlift into the infiltration or a stream.




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Ingenious for rehabilitation/modernization by simple retrofitting of your existing plant

The clear edge in technology and innovation


AERO small wastewater treatment plant technology has been developed with prudence and foresight. With one of the latest control technologies, expandable add-on modules and optional online remote monitoring, the AERO SBR small wastewater treatment plant shows its measurable benefits.


Cutting edge control technology
Convenient online monitoring

Additional modules for your plant



The right tanks for the AERO SBR small wastewater treatment plant


Batchpur offers a range of plastic and concrete tranks designed and selected with the utmost care. 

We deliver tanks all over the world. However, we also offer attractive solutions for overseas, where you save expensive freight costs. You purchase a suitable tank from a local distributor and we supply you with the appropriate technology. No matter whether you choose a tank made of concrete or plastic, the AERO SBR small wastewater treatment plant can be installed and retrofitted in all tank shapes and variants that meet the specifications, e.g. regarding water depth, volume, stability and watertightness. 

Select a tank of your choice or contact a local supplier.

The PE tank Grizzly

This plastic tank from Batchpur is exclusively available for AERO small wastewater treatment plants. The high material quality, its specific design and its many well-engineered installation qualities result in significant cost savings during installation and operation of the AERO SBR small wastewater treatment plant.


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Concrete tanks

A high concrete quality combined with modern production technology, ensures a quality product that meets all the requirements of wastewater treatment: dimensionally stable, buoyancy-proof, fast and easy to install.


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AERO SBR small wastewater treatment plant

Technical information


  • No odors due to digester gases 
  • No corrosion due to digester gases
  • Classes C-D ** included 
  • Patented ALC-technology 
  • Patented Airstep technology
  • Extendable cleaning class P*,** and H*,** 
  • Expandable purification stage for the elimination of micropollutants"
  • Online remote monitoring* 
  • One-time maintenance* 
  • Omission operator controls* 
  • Durable, high-quality plastic and stainless steel parts processed
  • Simple and clean retrofit
  • No electric pumps

*At extra charge

** Cleaning classes according to german regulations

Water ist future!
A safe decision!
Clean, sustainable and economical cleaning