Phosphate elimination - To protect our waters

The P-module for phosphate elimination of domestic wastewater for Batchpur and AERO SBR small wastewater treatment plants and treatment systems > 50 PE

The advantages at a glance


Automated and safe phosphate elimination Automated and safe phosphate elimination

Easy retrofitting and installation

No wear - Low investment and operating costs

Precise and individually adjustable dosing proportional to the wastewater volume

Fields of application for the Batchpur P-module

  • Single family houses
  • Multi-family houses
  • Settlements & Towns
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Vacation & Leisure facilities
  • Day care facilities
  • Retirement homes

The Batchpur P-module for phosphate elimination of biologically treated wastewater.

With the Batchpur P-module you can reduce the phosphate content in your wastewater in an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way. CE-compliant tested, depending on the application all performance and manufacturer declarations according to EN12566 are available.

If your project has corresponding requirements (for example, in a water protection area), please contact us. We have the solution for you.

Phosphate can be removed biologically and/or chemically in small wastewater treatment plants. The basis of biological phosphate elimination is the ability of certain bacteria to store more phosphate as polyphosphate in the presence of oxygen. If they do not find oxygen in their environment, the polyphosphate is released from the cells again and serves as an energy source. Bacterial growth is inhibited during this phase. During the renewed transition to a phase with sufficient oxygen, the stored substances serve as energy for rapid adaptation and the start of metabolic and growth processes. The energy gain achieved in this process in turn serves for the uptake and incorporation of phosphate. However, these biological processes are often not enough to sufficiently reduce the phosphate content in wastewater.  Excessive discharge of phosphorus compounds into the waterbodies leads to increased availability of the nutrient. This can lead to increased growth of algae and small organisms in water bodies (eutrophication). As a result, toxic substances are formed and the balance and quality of the water body is significantly affected. 

Therefore, measures to reduce this environmental pollution by chemical phosphate elimination are often indispensable to protect the ecological balance in the long term.

For phosphate elimination in small wastewater treatment plants Batchpur has developed a pneumatically operated P-module.

The P-module simultaneously precipitates the phosphate in the wastewater during the SBR cleaning process by a pneumatic precipitatent dosing. In the process, metal ions form a poorly soluble salt with the phosphate ions in the wastewater. The salt precipitates as a solid and accumulates into flocs. The flocs, in turn, can sink into the sludge in the small wasterwater treatment plant through sedimentation.

Batchpur small wastewater treatment plant
AERO small wastewater treatment plant
Wastewater treatment systems > 50 PE

The advantages of the P-module at a glance


  • Precise dosing proportional to the wastewater quantity
  • Tested and certified according to EN 12566
  • Versatile use - Can be used in all cleaning systems from Batchpur 
  • 5-year warranty on storing and metering equipment
  • With optional online monitoring
  • Automated tank monitoring and fill level control
  • Safe operation without electrical components
  • Low operating costs, as there is no wear and tear on the components
  • Easily expandable with the Batchpur UV or C4C modules
  • Phosphate dosage individually adjustable
  • Quick and clean assembly: Simply plug onto the partition wall
  • Connection of additional sensors such as oxygen, conductivity, or redox sensor
  • Developed, manufactured and tested in Germany